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Few months ago I had an opportunity to photograph Toly and Gina’s wedding in Sacramento California. It was not a big wedding but more of an intimate wedding which makes it great because there I get to focus more on the bride and groom than anything else. Also after the wedding I got a chance to  meet with the couple I asked them few questions and here are their answers.

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Toly and Gina, how did you guys feel that day, where you excited, nervous or very happy?

Toly: On the day of the wedding I felt both excited and nervous, I was nervous how everything was gonna turn out that day so I just wanted to be with Gina on the dance floor already and celebrating our big day.

Gina: The day or our wedding I was EXTREMELY excited and overjoyed.

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Gina how did you feel walking down the aisle? What was going through your head?

Walking down the aisle I was really nervous, in my head I was thinking “oh my gosh, I’m at my own wedding that we planned and have been waiting for and everyone is here for US. Today is our day and I just can’t believe it that it’s about to happen right now!

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Toly what was going on in your head when you first saw Gina in the beautiful dress walking towards you?

The moment I saw Gina walking down the aisle, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I froze for a moment and couldn’t believe this was happening. Gina looked gorgeous in that white dress. Every part of that moment was special.

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After saying “I Do” how did that make you guys feel?

Toly: After saying “I Do” those words sounded much bigger to me. At the very moment, I knew how much responsibilities there was. It reminded me that these words are the promises that I am making to commit to Gina for the rest of my life.

Gina: Saying I do, as a young women made me feel confident. Confident that this was all God’s plan. It made me feel so blessed how much me and Toly have gone. It made me look at him as my … H-u-s-b-a-n-d.

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What was the most funniest memory from your wedding?

For both of us was the Italian game. As for me (Toly) it was awkward but funny because it was mainly pair of couples that played the game.

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Did your wedding go as planned and if you could change at least two things what would it be?

Toly: For the most part our wedding went as planned. If I was to go back and change two things, one would be more alcohol on the table and second make the wedding at night.

Gina: Our wedding went exactly as planned as for decorations, and flowers. If I could change two things I would have taken time to invite more loved ones, and also have longer wedding because it was so much fun!

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Any advice for future Brides/Grooms?

Toly: Two advices for both the bride and grooms would be: first, to get in the bed early the night before the big day, and second would be to eat a good breakfast.

Gina: Keep calm and know everything will be OK! To definitely not over stress and pick a relaxing honeymoon. Enjoy and soak in every moment of your wedding day and honeymoon with your husband because it truly only happens once.

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Toly and Gina thank you for hiring me as your wedding photographer it was an honor and blessing to be part of your wedding.

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