The Not Pretty Home by North Carolina Real Estate Photographer Shutter Avenue Photography

We have all seen those picture perfect homes and I as a North Carolina Real Estate Photographer I do like them too. Yes those are the homes that get the most attention. See image above for example. But that’s not the case with most homes. Even in my line of duty I photograph the good and not so good homes. Being North Carolina Real Estate Photographer I get to photograph both of the spectrum. In reality most of the agents that I work with do rely on me to make ok homes to look really good. Yes I do photograph million dollar homes, or homes that have been staged by professionals, and I am sure that every agent want’s that. The truth is, not all homes are ready for photos and that’s why it is my job to make them look good. Yet sometime I get homes like the one below, really downright bad.

So use the slider to see how I have photographed a bad home and made it look a bit better than it is. With that said I didn’t really do lots of photoshopping in this home. I mean there is mold, and extremely dirty carpet, and walls that you just don’t even want to touch. At one point I thought “Covid-19 has nothing on this home, I need a full body suit just to be in there”. But as a North Carolina Real Estate Photographer it is my job to photograph this home because that’s why I was hired to do, to make it look better than it is.

By the way I am not bashing the agent here, every agent out there had or has a home that is not pretty at all and still has to sell it somehow. So it is up-to photographer to do his/her job and that’s why hiring professional North Carolina Real Estate Photographer is so important for great homes and not.

Also all that I am showing here is an average metering exposure image from my camera and what I have done to the photo.

Photos are by North Carolina Real Estate Photographer: Shutter Avenue Photography.

Service Information

Shutter Avenue Photography is North Carolina Architectural Photographer and provides services to South Carolina state, Georgia state, Florida state, Virginia state, Tennessee state and for all other surrounding states. Architectural Photography is our specialty and we can provide our services in any of these areas such as Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography and Real Estate Photography. We are located in South Carolina but do travel to surrounding states if needed.

Sidenote: I will not be mentioning the agent names or the listing address of the home due to privacy since this blog is a high SEO rated.

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