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So for this blog post, instead of showing you photos from previous weddings or portrait sessions I have decided to write to all couples who are looking for a wedding photographer. Most of the time when a couple meets with the photographer, he or she will be asking most of the questions to the couple but rarely does a couple ask questions that are so important to figure out if the photographer will be the right fit for them. So here are some of the questions that every couple should atleast ask the photographer to get to know him or her before making the final decision.

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1 – I would like to know as much as possible about you. What do you like and dislike?

This is obvious and quite simple to understand. You’re likely to get the photos you desire if you really know your photographer. Ask questions and then really listen to the answers from the photographer. Let the photographer talk and pay attention. If the conversation is all about you (the client) then its good but if you don’t know your photographer then you will not know the characteristics of the photographer and he or she might not be the right fit for your wedding. “What do you prefer: outside wedding or inside, how do you feel if the wedding goes off the timeline, what are your favorite moments of the wedding to capture?”

2 – Why are you shooting in the style of photography that you do?

At times most blogs say that you should follow your heart and find the photographer in the style you like. But sometimes the style of the photographer changes due to trends or because the photographer is trying something new. As for me I like to experiment and blend photography styles in the wedding day. For example, nature light and studio lights. But every client should know why and when it should be used not just to keep up the conversations but also to get inside of why. Maybe the photographer is trying to branch out to lets say film photography and the photos do look different but maybe he or she is just trying to fit it and please the crowd or be different. Sometime the photographers just do what they think is right and that does take time during the wedding so know why the photographer is doing it and maybe you will be willing to give that extra hour for something different. Yet ask for examples when you meet with the photographer.

3 – How do you feel about wedding planners? (And this question is a must if you have a wedding planner.)

This is big, at least for me. There are photographers that work great with wedding planners and some they just don’t like wedding planners. There are plenty of reasons why but for most part even though wedding planners are there to help in organizing a wedding they do think as only as wedding planner not photographer. In the past for me I worked with great wedding planner and not so great. Sometimes the couple would come to me and say that the wedding planner informed them to have certain kinds of photos or style, I will not go into what or why but wedding planners are not photographers. The wedding planners do think they know it all but in reality. But for the sake of this blog I will mention that one time a couple after engagement session contacted me and said that their wedding planner (many years of experience) told them that all photographers give out digital images to the couple for their “Save The Date” card for free. I had a long conversation with the couple and tried to explain the situation that I have also done this for some time and never heard of this. Another example of how one wedding planner was just trying to sell to the couple that they have to do the first look even though they wanted to go more traditional way. In the end when I meet them they were telling me that they need to do first look but after talking with the couple I did notice that they still didn’t want to do the first look even if the wedding planner said that this is the best thing for their timeline. But not all wedding planners are like that some that I have worked with give lots of freedom to couples but still guide them in the right direction working with every vendor from the wedding trying to make sure everything runs as much smoothly as possible. So talk to your photographer and see how they feel about wedding planners and why.

4 – We are still looking for a photographer and why should we hire you?

Be honest with your photographer, I will only speak for myself on this but you will not hurt my feelings if you tell me you are meeting with other photographers. Now some photographers will or can take offense to this but in reality this is why good photographers filter out from bad photographer. If you notice that the photographer you are meeting with is starting to get nervous, or offensive you should not hire that photographer. There could be many reasons why they could get nervous, because of jealousy, pride or they will try to give you a super discount if you hire them on the spot even though it will hurt their budget over time. So talk about why you have considered the photographer you are meeting with and why you are considering to meet with other photographers (even if its the cost you are thinking about).

5 – Do you work with the plan (timeline) that we create or do you make your own timeline for us?

Some photographer are and I want to say free spirited and will work with anything you give them (and still produce great images). Yet some photographers that prefer to create a detailed plan of the wedding to know what to expect. Both cases are good and some photographer prefer one way and some the other way. Know your photographer and ask what they like. This also can give you a heads up if the photographer can capture a special moment with knowing what is going to happen or just by random trying to capture everything not to miss anything.

6 – Why do you like to photograph weddings?

Many clients think that if the photographer is photographing weddings they love what they do. Yes it is true because if they didn’t they would not photograph weddings. But what most clients don’t know is why. See if the photographer matches your expectations and has passion for weddings not just because they get paid. This is kind of going back to the first question of likes and dislikes.

7 – Have you photographed a wedding at my location?

This can be a question that can help you know what to expect. I do understand that there is a trend now a days to do backyard weddings and the photographer will never be able to photograph a wedding at your backyard in the past but do ask if they have done this before and ask for examples. I have been asked with this question before and my answer is yes if I have shot at the location and if not I will check it out (and first I show them simural weddings) or if its at someones backyard, I do ask if I am able to stop by to see what to expect. This not only gives assurance to my clients but also gives me an idea if we need to plan where the ceremony should be for the best photos and so on.

I hope this would help every couple out there to get to know their photographer but I do want to say that if you are meeting with the photographer ask questions to get to know him or her. Think about it you will be working with the photographer all day during your wedding and knowing that the photographer has the right attitude, knows what he or she is doing, and can connect with you and your guests is very important. Yes I know that photos speak for themselves but you will have to make sure that not only does photos look good in photographers portfolio but also the person whom you are hiring has the right vision, personality, and attitude towards you and your wedding.

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