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As always during this time of year I have been busy with lots of Sacramento Real Estate Photography shoots and one thing keeps popping up. This does not apply to all the homes but just a handful homes, although it always amazes me when this does happen.

I come into the home and do what I do best, provide with great professional real estate photography of any type of a home. And when the shoot is done the homeowners ask me “So what do you think of my home? Will it sell for the price we are asking?” and this usually happens when the agent is not there. Now as I have written about this in previous post (see here), I am not a real estate agent and I don’t want to say anything which will make the sale for agents harder because of my words to the seller. Although every owner that is trying to sell a home will face with one major decision which is: home improvements. Every client wants top dollar for their home and I do understand that, although some improvements should be considered and some should be left for the buyer to do.

But this post is about how some sellers modify their homes with VERY interesting colors to suit their preference for living in the home but do not understanding that those colors can hurt the sale afterwards. I have few sample photos below; some photos are of real homes which were reshoot due to bad choice of color and could not sell or took much longer to sell because of that. Also some images are computer illustrations to show the original home and what it could have looked liked if the seller would have repainted the home. One thing I do want to mention is that computer enhanced photos were a very quick edit so they are not perfect but does show the point.

By the way I do know that it does cost to repaint and everyone always thinks with a budget when selling the home and how much they should invest prior to updating the home. In my personal opinion as a photographer this is one area where it would be so beneficial to the seller (depending on the price point and the state of the home). So, see images below, which can prove my point of how crucial it is to have the home in proper colors. But the main thing to take away from this blog post would be: talk to your agent if you should repaint prior to selling the home because your agent knows what the market for your home is and how to help you sell it. That goes for all improvements to the home not just re-painting but this post is about the interior wall color.

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In the end, it is upto the seller to make this decision to repaint or not to do it. Although as I have mentioned earlier, as my personal opinion having neutral interior wall colors makes it so much easier for the sale of the home. And on the photography side, the home looks always brighter, more open and inviting.


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