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Few months ago I had an opportunity to be a engagement photographer for Toly and Gina. It happened here in old Sacramento yearly in the morning, but I just want to say that they are a great couple, fun and I loved photographing them. It is always good to be part of photo session that everyone enjoys and has good time. I am looking forward to their wedding because not only that they are different ethnicity but the dynamic it will bring to their wedding day. Having Italians, Russians, Ukrainians, and Americans this will be a fun wedding to photograph.

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I always love to hear couples stories. And with their permission I would love to share it with the rest of the world. So here are few question I have asked them:

Gina tell me how did you meet?

We met through a friend, I added him on Facebook and admired him for quite a long time. Some time later I finally had the guts to message him and ask him if he wanted to hangout and ever since that day we have been together!

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Toly did you plan for a long time to propose to Gina?

I have been planning to propose to Gina since January of 2013

How did Toly propose to you Gina?

Toly such a romantic guy, took me to San Francisco for our one year anniversary. We went to sanitary the next morning rode some rides and went to go lay on the beach. When I was looking away from him for a few moments he asked me what was in the sand (a treasure box buried) I unburied it and opened it. Inside was a scroll/letter that he made me read out loud announcing his proposal. I SAID YES!!!

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Was it the way you planned Toly?

It went exactly the way I wanted it to go.

Were you surprised Gina by what Toly did?

It was honestly a very scary moment for me. It at first I was not so happy because I was literally in so much shock I didn’t know if it was reality or not. I was looking around and blinking my eyes LITERALLY because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream!

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Gina did you know that Toly will be proposing to you?

He was acting funny on the beach and before the rides…. I wondered but then I doubted it.   All I was expecting was a one year anniversary surprise not a lifelong request!

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Where did it happen?

Funny but it happened right under a little lifeguard stand in santacruz  on the beach.

Toly did you think Gina knew that you will propose to her?

She had no idea about the proposal but she did hint when i sort of gave it away by not agreeing to go on the roller coaster.

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