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Likes and dislikes about FujiFilm Cam Remote App Review

Now that I have used the FujiFilm Cam Remote App for more than three years I can finally rate it and discus everything that I like about it as well as dislikes. Now before I go on, this is my personal opinion about it and yes in the past I have used CamRanger which I did like to some degree. Even though Fujifilm Cam App was recently updated nothing really changed, just the look is a little bit different.

The Pros:

  • Very easy to use: the first time I have installed FujiFilm Cam Remote App it was at a job site and I had no problems to navigate around the app.
  • Access to the features of the camera while using the app: You can pretty much access all main camera functions which you will need to do stills or video. Things such as ISO, Film Simulation, White Balance, Flash Mode and Self Timer. Now some functions I don’t really use as Self Timer or Flash Mode but other features I do use on regular basis.
  • Live preview: Yes, I think this is the best feature of this app is that you can see exactly how it is. This makes it much easier when photographing for architectural projects because I can determine if I need to move something or wait until something is out of the frame without running back and forth to the camera and adjusting it. Also it will show you what your white balance is and exposure as well in live view, best thing for real estate photography.
  • Preview/Import Mode: This does come in handy when photographing for interior designers because you can select an image and zoom in to see if anything needs to be moved or adjusted. Also the import feature is great because instead of photographing with iPhone and posting on social media FujiFilm Cam Remote can just save the image and then you can adjust it in any editor app to post. I do like that.

The Cons:

There are few more cons than pros which is not surprising since I don’t think the developers where focusing on the app as much as they should have.

  • You need to have your white balance preset prior to opening the app. This one thing really bugs me. Yes it does have white balance access to the camera but not to the full extend. All you can do is preselect white balance options but you can’t adjust as you would in camera. For example if you want to photograph outside and you need to select nice warm color balance of 5600K but then realized that it’s not enough and need to now adjust to higher or lower number there is no option to do so in the app. Only presets. 0_o
  • Bracketing, Bracketing and yes Bracketing: No you don’t have an option to select bracketing for multiple exposures. Why not? I don’t know. Yes you can manually adjust the exposure but every second does count when doing outside photos. Now for interior design photography this doesn’t bother me at all but for architectural and real estate photography when you have moving cars or trees due to wind yes this does irritate me a bit.
  • Auto focus only: On the screen you can only select where you want your green box to be in the photo for focus. I have tired to do manual focus first then turning on the app and photograph but then the app just crashes by giving me unreadable files. If FujiFilm can fix this one issue of maybe lock-in the focus while using the app this would be so helpful.
  • Range: While they they say it had a long distance for it to work I have found out that it only works best at maybe no further than 50 feet and if you have walls around you then even shorter distance. This does complicate the shoot especially when I do real estate photography and have to go to other rooms to hide or even when doing dusk photos outside. The app developers really need to improve the wi-fi connection in this area.

What can I say: I love Fuji and their cameras but their app is a joke. Maybe they need to take a lesson from CamRanger app and improve it but I am afraid in reality this will not happen any time soon. Overall it’s a very useful tool while photographing especially if you are a street photographer or when using it for architectural photography.


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