San Francisco Portrait Photography for CAHILL Contractors

In October of last year I was giving an opportunity to photograph for a major contractor company CAHILL in San Francisco. They have done major construction projects all over San Francisco and in all Bay Area. Some are such as Oxford Plaza/David Brower Center, Hilton San Francisco Financial District, Oakland Museum of California, Transbay Block 6 and much more. I was very excited when they have reached out to me to photograph for them. Yet this post is not about architectural photography but about San Francisco portrait photography. Yes I was called to be portrait photographer for this particular job and my mission was to photograph their staff. Oh don’t get me wrong I love business portrait photography so yes I am very proud to photograph for such a big company. Best part of it as well as photographing for CAHILL, the location of the photoshoot was next to Oakland Tribune Building (I just love the architecture of that building).

The request was to photograph the portraits as natural as possible so the consistency stays the same with the rest of their website but it was all to be done indoors with of course fluorescent lights. Yet I love challenges and this was a good one but anyways take a look at the images below and see how the end result looks. This is just a few photos since there was more than 25 people to photograph.

San Francisco Portrait Photography San Francisco Portrait PhotographerSan Francisco Portrait Photography for CaHill ContractorsSan Francisco Portrait Photographer CaHill Contractors

I want to say big thanks to Yuhi from CAHILL for contacting me and hiring me to photograph for her company.

San Francisco Portrait Photography by Shutter Avenue Photography

Portrait Photos Are For: CAHILL Contractors

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