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So this is part 2 of Choosing Wedding Photographer, and there is something I would like to talk about. Even though I have talked briefly about this in previous blogs yet I have had clients ask me more and more about what I will talk in this blog post. Somethings I will repeat if you don’t want to browse around and look for the other posts but lets start with newbies vs professional photographers.

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Emerging Wedding Photographer vs Professional: Not only did I hear or it happend to my wedding but the horror stories of photography which has gone wrong and all because someone made a choice on cutting the budget rather than experience. Now it is alright to make sure you don’t go over your head with a photographer who can fit your budget. However, main point is to not underestimate the importance of wedding photography when trying to fit it with in your budget in the first place! Pictures is one of the investments what will bring you joy over the years to come comparing to flatware rentals, party favors and even flower arrangements. If you would have to make a choice go with the photographer whom you like and who can provide great art work after your wedding for your home (as well as for your loved ones).

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Now how do photographers base their prices? Its in relation to their experience and on whether they have ironed out there workflow, by building a strong portfolio, personal style, and client testimonials. With that said, like I have mentioned in previous post some photographer do charge more and they are horrible photographer and some are great photographers but charge less (but you can read all about that by clicking here). But if you are hiring a wedding photographer who is higher than your budget, they should have confidence in what photos need to be taken, how to work in any lighting situation, and can help you to ease your process before or during your big day.

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Professional wedding photographers don’t need to be babysat and guided throughout the wedding, they can create beautiful images of your day and be self-sufficient knowing what needs to be done. Comparing to emerging photographer who is just testing the waters can save you tons of money and if you are on very tight budget. But the plus that comes with newbie is that they will go above and beyond for their clients, wanting to encourage word-of-mouth marketing and very dynamic imagery to improve their portfolios. Few things to watch out for if picking an emerging wedding photographer would be: they make mistakes which from photography standpoint are just vital to grow in wedding photography business. They can also miss photos when photography needs to be done and also can do poorly executed photos. But if you are on a mission to save money for your wedding and do understand that newbies are not professional then this is for you.

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But what are they ways to save money if you are on a tight budget: well then hire a photographer with little experience for maybe just ceremony, family, and wedding party formal shoots (so maybe for 3 hours only). But then do encourage your guests to capture the reception with their own cameras and ask them to send the digital files to you. Or provide some film cameras to your guest, but do be aware that when you buy 100 film cameras you might only get 10 rolls out of that, guests sometimes are notorious for not wanting to photograph at a wedding but just want to party.

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Another way to keep your cost in photography is not hiring the second shooter (this is a big one so more about this later). Yet not every photographer would be willing to make that compromise, and if you understand that this will cut down on photos as well as missed shots then this might be the sacrifice to make in order to hire the photographer you like.

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The most important is you want to steer clear of photographers who are doing this just to pay the bills and have no passion in wedding photography. In other words, make sure that the photographer has good amount of photography to prove that this is something they do because they love doing this and not just sample gallery with 5 images and bunch of other photography stuff in between. Now they are photographer who would do only 15-30 weddings a year because they like to photography other portrait photography (lets say editorial work), but be sure that their portfolio is something that stands out for you and this is what you would like for your big day.

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In the next blog post I will be talking about “Expectations, Numbers, and Second Shooter” so come back next week for more on how to choose wedding photographer.

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