Rainy Weather by Sacramento Real Estate Photographer (Shutter Avenue Photography)

This past week we had been getting lots and lots of rain (on the other hand we do need it) but as a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer it would seem like a bad idea to photograph anything while very gloomy/rainy weather, especially listings for real estate agents. Although I have had photographed in the past not only in raining season but also in snow, fog and other bad situations where the weather is not really cooperating for the best photos. Yes it is true that having good sunny weather is the best time to do exterior photos but in reality it’s impossible to have great weather all the time. For that reason I am very skilled in photoshop were replacing the sky is necessary to deliver great photos to all my agents, because the end result could play a major factor in the sale of the home. So this post is to show how the listings could look like with and without great blue sky as well as if the sky is not perfect during sunny weather.

And here’s a comparison when the sky is almost blue and there is some sunshine but needs a bit more interest in the photos, because sometimes the sky is just not right for the image.


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