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I have meet Watts family through online add. After few phone calls back and forth we have selected the date and time of the shoot. Now I do want to talk a little bit about timing of photoshoots and this can apply to most of 90% of the shoots I do. The reason why I prefer certain times of the day is because of where light is.  I could say that the best time for the photoshoot is either early in the morning or later in the day closer to dusk. And it would be 100% true, but some times when especially photographing families that rule goes out the window. But why is early in the morning or late in the day is the best time? Well in few words: no harsh shadows and more beautiful light (also if you live in hot areas like here in Sacramento it is very hot during the middle of the day). To some degree the rule in photography is try to avoid light source to be right over your subjects head (or you will get lots of racoon eyes photos), yet I do know photographer whose style is to photograph only in the middle of the day and the photos come out GREAT. I know that I could do the same with flashes and find shade but it gets complicated even though I do use all of that during photoshoots. I could talk about this in more than college paper essay but I will say that if you look through most of photography you will see that for general purposes the great time to photograph is in the morning or later in the day. (Monkey ranch: Rule does not apply to overcast day).

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But coming back to Watts family, we have scheduled this session for early morning and the light was beautiful. This was my first time ever in my life (even though I lived in Sacramento for a long time) being in the area where the Watts family lives and I have to say I loved the area, the park next to them and as well as very friendly neighbors (as you can see in the photo below).

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I loved photographing their oldest daughter, even though she was very shy in the beginning of the shoot but later on she opened up. She loves to pose and be active in front of the camera and it shows in the photos. I will say that the baby is very cute and adorable.

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Also something that I like to do for families is to photograph not only the whole family and the kids but give some photos to the parent by themselves. As a family man myself I do some iphone photos with my wife but rarely we do professional photos of just us. It is always of the whole family or of our daughter. So capturing few shots of just the parents brings a smile for my clients.

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Watts were a fun family to photograph and I really enjoyed their photoshoot.


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