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So, here is the honesty. I love doing wedding, engagements, photoshoots in studios, fashion but then there is family photography. I was always hesitant to be a family photographer and even though I have lots of photos to disprove that, it still didn’t sit with me for a long time. Not because I don’t like it or I don’t know how, but mostly because of kids.  To me at one point it seemed like being a wedding photographer is much easier than photographing kids. To clarify few things I am talking about certain age of kids. But now few years down the road I have begun to take more and more interest into photographing kids and being a family photographer. Maybe because I have my own child now (which sometimes seems like she is growing not by days but by hours), and maybe because of this reason I want to make sure I have photos of her. And I am not talking about snapshots made with cell phone which to be honest I do that more than I think I do. But the photos that we capture with the help of our cell phones, those photos should stay there, because they look good on the phone but not when you start printing them. To have that high quality prints or canvases require more than just phone snapshots. So now I have brand new perspective on photographing families with kids.

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But lets talk and see some images of this wonderful family that I had a pleasure of photographing.

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I have meet Vina and her family on the day of the photoshoot in downtown Sacramento. Her two young boys are fantastic to photograph. They are energetic and mysterious at the same time, which I would love to slow down but thats how most kids are. The father was thrilled about his family be photographed and was a great man to talk to.

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With the kids running around and playing with mom and dad it was fun documenting this family. But when the golden hour has come I just love this photo below. With the sunlight behind their backs it brings this wonderful glow to the photo.

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I loved photographing this family but everything has to come to the end. So it was now time to go home.

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