From Start To Finish Real Estate Photography

After getting lots of feedback from real estate agents and trying to explain why I take x amount of time for real estate photography per listing, I have decided to do this promotional video. This video shows how I take a simple home and photograph real estate from start to finish. You will be able to see how many frames I take per each composition and combine them in photoshop to make a final photo. Now one thing I do want to mention is that this home is much bigger than it’s shown in the video – meaning there are much more rooms and if I have shown all the rooms in this video it would have been way over 6 mins and that’s too boring even for me to watch.

Last thing I do want to mention is that this is a real home, with real people living in it, I just came in and photographed it. Why am I saying this? Well because I wanted to show the viewer how professional real estate photography can have a benefit for real estate agent but also the process that it takes to make an average home look good for the online listing.

I do want to mention a special thanks to Dee Durland from Select Realty LLC for letting me use one of the homes which I have photographed for her in the past for this video.

Also this is my first slideshow/video which I have done at this scale so enjoy the video.


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