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Its been a long time since I have written any blog posts, but also its been very, very, very busy end of the year for me. Lots has happened and lots is about to happen but its all for the best of this company. I am taking new risks and new routes in photography and yet I am enjoying every minute of it.

But this post is to introduce the new website or should I say a new landing website. I am still going to do wedding photography and portrait photography here in Denver or for new client in California. But the new route is architectural and real estate photography.

New SiteDenver Wedding and Portrait Photographer and Architecture Real Estate Photography

So check it out with the link below or just type in Shutter Avenue Photography in your search engine. Which will also have my new logo on it as well.

I do want to mention someone’s name who helped me to create my new landing page and something else (that will be in the next blog post), it is Jenny Cross from TwoTone Creative. Thank you Jenny, you have been a great help to me by explaining how not only CSS works but with other things as well. So check out her website and also their Facebook page here.

New Website :

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Service Information

Shutter Avenue Photography offers South Carolina Architectural Photography and North Carolina Architectural Photography coverage, including but not limited to Carolina states but as well as to surrounding states such as Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and all surrounding states. Call for more information.

Not looking for architectural photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your business portrait photography for North Carolina, South Carolina and for all other states.


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