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Either this post will be short or long, I will try to keep it short yet why did I call this post Goodbye? Well keep on reading to the end =)

The past 10 days have been very interesting … It all started when I was just about to photograph a home for a real estate agent when something happened (the story is too long), the end result involves a bug and a camera crashing down to concrete floor. o_o Not fun when the job is not done. Anyways you can see the photo of the camera (Nikon D300) at the bottom of the page and its state of the lens.

All of this at the last minute made me go to Camren here in Denver to rent out a camera to finish the jobs for that day. The camera that I have rented was Nikon D7000 with Tamron 10-24mm lens.

Nikon D700 Camera Review

Nikon D7000 short review: The camera itself is not bad, and I did like it. The D7000 if you are interested and looking for a camera to buy is good. It has 16MP which is a good jump from 12MP sensor in the category of these cameras but still not as good as Canon in the same range which has 18MP.  The camera also has full HD movie recording which if you do video it’s really good. It also has dual card reader which comes in handy when you don’t want to think about losing by accident photos or shooting a wedding and you need storage. One other feature what is a 50/50 is the focusing points, it only has 39 comparing to other cameras which has 51 points of focus. Handles noise (ISO) well, the layout of the buttons are well places meaning the functions for quick selections, the white balance is good since I shoot JPG’s 95% of the time, but I noticed that exposure metering is a little bit off especially when it comes to over exposure. Also it’s a bit small for my taste. It just didn’t feel like a professional camera, and for the price range that it sells there are better cameras out there. Also the weight of the camera is a little bit heavier than for example D5100.

Tamron 10-24mm review: On the other hand the lens Tamron 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 DI II was just TERRIBLE. If you are planing to buy this lens just write out a check to me and give me your money or better yet spend just a bit more and buy Sigma 12-24mm. What was Tamron thinking when they made this lens? As soon as I started to photograph with it I wanted to get a hammer and break it on the spot. It was frustrating just using it. The motor in the lens is VERY slow, so autofocus is horrible, and at times I would recompose the focus point and the lens just didn’t do anything at all. But I know from the past using other lens that it will be out of focus so I had to manually move the ring so that the focus would just work. Also the lens barrel effect is of the charts, it distorts everything with bowing all the walls to the limit (and this happened from 10-24mm range). Yet this is just tip of the iceberg of how bad this lens is. After all the jobs that day, I came back to the office to process the photos (which by that time I was already 2 hours behind on everything) thanks to traffic and trying to rent out a camera in downtown. At first I thought my computer was going bad. BUT NO it was the lens and the quality of the photos it produces. I couldn’t believe it but where I selected the focus area it was in focus yet everything around it was blurry. Ok so I understand if you are shooting at the 3.5 F-Stop but this is at F9 everything should be in focus and yet it’s not. I hate, hate, hate that lens. I don’t even what to talk about this lens. I’m done.

The end result, is that on the same day (Friday July 31st) I ordered new camera which I will do another post about it. If you have seen my facebook page you will see a picture of UPS and the title in the photos is “I am very excited!!!!”, why was I so excited? Because I got my new and I mean new system.

That’s why the blog post is titled “Goodbye”, because I said goodbye to Nikon for ever (I think) and moved on to Fujifilm. Yes you have read it correctly, I will be selling all my Nikon gear (or what’s left of it). But now I have a Fuji X-T1 with XF 10-24mm F4 R IOS lens. I know I had it for a very short period of time but I LOVE IT. Why? well that will be in the next post since I want to play around with it little bit more before I write a review on it. All I want to say and finish this blog post with a statement of “I feel like I lived under a rock before I got X-T1”.

My New Fuji X-T1 with 10-24mm lens.

FujiFilm X-T1

Here are the photos of what happened to my Nikon system:

Nikon D300 no more

The lens is done and the mirror will not go down in the camera (also there is something loose in the camera).

Nikon D300Sigma 10-20mm

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