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Usually I don’t really promote other business because I try to give fair trade to everyone, but if so I try to be as honest as possible as well as to promote everyone I can. Yet this time it’s different. When EcoTech Enterprises has contacted me to photograph for them while they were doing what they do I just did my job which I was hired for. After that EcoTech Enterprises has stood out for me because I had few more encounters with other pressure washing companies while photographing few home in real estate side.

EcoTech Enterprises is a great company and does a really good job at pressure washing pretty much everything that needs to be cleaned. I understand that there are plenty of companies that do pressure washing here in Sacramento yet this company is on the whole different level and that’s why I wanted to write this blog post about.

Their equipment is great not only for environment but also to get the job done right. The equipment that EcoTech Enterprises uses to pressure wash has two things which stood out to me that are different from all other companies. First it protects the environment; by using vacuum system to collect dirty used water before it reaches the sewers and the chemicals which they use to remove dirt are all environmentally safe. Second, they have very powerful pressure washer with all the attachments they need to get the job done right.

I have posted few photos from that photoshoot below but before that I wanted to say is “I would definatly recommend EcoTech Enterprises to not only the real estate agents but everyone who needs their driveways/sidewalks/sidings and so on to be cleaned.” They do incredible job and after them its so much easier to photograph exterior of a home.

Oh and I haven’t mentioned the best part, they services both in Sacramento metro area and Bay Area as well. So if you need to get a hold of them call Victor at (916) 750-4575 and see what they can do for you, also you can visit their website by following this link:

Here’s an extra before and after of what they do:

Photos Provided By: Sacramento Architectural Photographer

Photos Are For: EcoTech Enterprises 

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