Architectural Photography for the State of Colorado by Shutter Avenue Photography

It’s extremely hard to get my hands these days to write a post, even though I have lots to write about such as wedding photography, portrait photography, architectural photography and so on. But there is something which I am proud of and would like to share with you the reader.

Denver Architectural Photography by Shutter Avenue Photography

It was a big honor for me to be chosen by the State of Colorado for a particular project. Before I get a head of myself I would like to start from the beginning. Few months ago I had an opportunity to photograph portraits of very important people who are on the board of State of Colorado. Sorry but I don’t think I have the right to say their names yet I do use those photos for promotional material only. Coming back to the the story, recently (which was more like two months ago) I had a phone call from one of the staff members and asking me to photograph the State of Colorado Supreme Court room plus few other photos. Honestly, I took this as an opportunity of a lifetime because there are tons and tons of not only paperwork but also hours, people to contact if I wanted it to do this for my personal portfolio. In the end we have decided to photograph two photos of interior and two of exterior. I know that I could provide them with more images but there was a hiccup, they had requested a date for me to photograph the interior photos for the same date as they would be doing touch-ups of the ceiling. So I had to work around other workers (repairing the ceiling) and me trying to not to include them in the photos and their equipment (but in the end I still had to do lots of photoshopping). Also as I have mentioned they have requested two exterior photos, and here is the second best part of this architectural photography project: one photo from the street view and one photo from the most top of the capital looking down on the supreme court. Wow, what an experience it was to go to the top of the State Capital dome (all I want to say is LOTS OF STAIRS to climb). While talking with the state worker at the most top as you can go I did ask if I could do some more photos for personal use (some modification to the contract) but in the end I got it. Anyways, enough of me talking take a look the photos below.

Colorado Supreme Court by Shutter Avenue PhotographyArchitectural Photography of the Colorado Supreme Court by Shutter Avenue PhotographyDenver State Capitol by Shutter Avenue PhotographyArchitectural Photography for the State Of Colorado by Shutter Avenue PhotographyShutter Avenue Photography Denver CapitolState of Colorado Capitol Architectural Photography

Photos Provided By: Denver Architectural Photographer

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