First Time For Me in Architectural Photography

There are times when I do experiment in architectural photography, everything from: new equipment, style of photography, post editing, and other technics. Yet for this project which I was hired to photograph architecture I have never done in the past. Before I get in all the details, I would like to mention Andrew Batson and his company Brass Key Property Brokers. I have photographed for Andrew who is incredibly wonderful person and I enjoy working for him every time he hires me to photograph his beautiful homes. But sort of recently I had a project from him to do architectural photography or more like twilight photos of three custom homes which he build. Now you can say “what’s so difficult about photography twilight photos of three homes?”, well all three homes were done in one evening. I have done in the past two photos in one evening but it was during summer hours where twilight time is a bit longer, so I would have more time to photograph. This project was done in mid-October and this was a challenge for me. Since we had a good agreement with Andrew about this project of what could be done or not, and other crucial details we went forward with this assignment. Honestly because of Andrews flexibility on this project I was eager to do this. Well in the end all three homes were photographed but would I do it again? My answer would yes and no: yes if it’s the right time of the year and no because of how much is involved in architectural photography for twilight photos, but it’s not worth it since the quality of the photos goes down. But take a look at the final photos below and I have listed them in the order which they were photographed.

Denver Architectural PhotographyDenver Architectural PhotographerDenver Architectural Photography

I would also wanted to mention big Thank You to Andrew for pedaling a pedal boat. The reason is: he asked me to photograph one home for him, from a small island in the middle of a lake, to capture the lake and the back of the home. Yet it was impossible to take a speedboat and park it next to the island without damaging the boat so the pedal boat was needed to get close to the island. But here is the final image:

Denver Architectural Photographer

Photos Provided By: Denver Architectural Photographer

Special Thanks To: Brass Key Property Brokers LLC Andrew Batson

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