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Now that’s 2015 its time to talk about the wedding trends and what to expect. I will say that its just my opinions but it seems like in the word of internet this is what everyone is talking about. So here we go.

Colors: In the past year of 2014 I have seen lots of bright pop colors, like bright pink, greens, blues, and reds. But in this year the prediction is that we will start seeing more of pastels colors. Even though lots of brides love bright pink color it will be more toned down and have more of a subtle look to it. Like I said it will have more of pastels than bright.

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Wedding Dress: Put it simply it will be more off the shoulder gowns. After following the runways of bridal shows it seems like the strapless dresses are not the popular anymore but also the church traditional look of the dresses are also not in the style for this year. This has not been a popular look for quite awhile now, but the way it was presented during fashion week was very classic and clean, sometimes with a whimsical look.

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Ceremony: Now talking about traditional, the ceremony seems like will be getting shorter and shorter. Even to the point of where ceremony will be just a big party in some words. After photographing many wedding in the past year I have noticed that the ceremonies are getting shorter to a point of where its just for 10 to 15 mins long, and right after that is the party. So it will not be a surprise to see the ceremonies completely infused with the wedding day that guest will not even be able to tell if it was ceremony or not.

Rustic: This is not really new but I think it will pick up even more this year. Having mason jars, burlap, lace and custom (hand written) posters on a black board or on glass seems to pick up more and more in trend. Lots of venues now hire professionals that can create this look for the couples. Having rustic chairs with unique table is another way to get away from regular round tables.

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Entrances: It used to be that at the beginning of the reception, the newly married couple, their wedding party and parents would be introduced by the emcee before going into the first dance of the evening. Now, couples are opting to either only introduce themselves or going all out with a major entrance and choreographed dance. We are seeing couples work with choreographers to surprise their guests right at the start of their reception. While this was always seen at Sweet 16s and Mitzvahs, brides and grooms are bringing this trend to their own big day. Don’t be surprised if at the next wedding you attend, a full out dance starts as the entire party is introduced.

So don’t get surprised when you go to the wedding next time to see lots of changes not only to the schedule of the wedding but also to the themes and the style from the traditional wedding.

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