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In the past month I had a pleasure of photography a very beautiful wedding of Vitaliy and Vika which I was looking for. It was romantic, from the first look that they did to the end of the wedding. I really loved to see the great connection between Vitaliy and Vika, I don’t even think words like great connection does justice to it because seeing those two love birds seeing each other for the first time at the first look was magical. The expression on Vitaliy’s face when for the first time he saw Vika in her wedding dress almost made him speechless, and filled with joy. But isn’t that the whole point of the first look? =)

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For the fun part, it was great photographing Vitaliy prep photos because him and his groomsmen were  just very layback to a point where they decided to mow the backyard just for the fun of the photos, and by the way they were wearing very fashionable clothes from Express which made it even more fun for photographs. Even though Vika didn’t mow the lawn she was still beautiful and also very layback and I just loved the photos which I have captured for her during girls prep time.

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But throughout the creative photos which was planned ahead they went to Old Sacramento for carriage ride, and then to the State Capitol Park for final creatives. Though out all day they were great, the love between them was just shining with glow for each other, so photographing them was not only fun for them but for me as well.

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After the wedding we decided to have more photos done at K Street in downtown Sacramento. It was was good time for photos because this would give them a different look from creatives comparing to day time photos. I loved how they would still be willing to pose and smile in the photos even though they had a long day at the wedding, so I appreciate them for giving me the time to do something different for them and the photos show it as well.

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Something that I do want to mention is what they asked me to do after they came back from their honeymoon. A week later the called me and ask me if I was willing to go to San Francisco to capture some photos of them in their wedding clothes at a beach.  Hands down I said YES! I loved it every minute of it and even though Vika got her dress dirty in sand, ocean water, and by the way Vitaliy also was on board of getting wet for fun and creative photos.

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Those two lovebirds will be very happy with each other and I want to say Thank You to them for hiring me as their wedding photographer.

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