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Even though I live here in Sacramento and I am a wedding photographer I would like to talk about what is trending in wedding industry. Since I photograph fashion and as well as for boutique wedding shops I would like to give you some insight. Now before I go off and start talking about wedding dresses and what is trending, I would like to say that if you have already bought a dress that you like be proud of that. It is something that you love and you invested your time and money and I am 100% sure you will look fantastic in it.

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But this post is for those people who are still looking and would like to know what is trending for 2014. There are tons of blogs by wedding wire, the knot, and other big companies, yet I don’t really trust them because there are there to sell to brides what other big companies pay them for. I will not try to sell anything to you, although as I said previously, I do work with bridal stores. So, I can tell you what brides are looking for, and what is to come from big designers on the block and smaller unique shops.

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LACE, LACE, LACE!!! I can’t stress or talk enough about LACE. In my personal opinion lace is beautiful. Ever since Catherine Middleton wore her beautiful wedding dress and it was big deal at that time in 2011, lace has became even more popular in this short period of time. The modern style of a dress with lace that is beautiful, longtime staple, creates a fine art in dresses. Many wedding designers over past few runway show in 2013 have been embracing lace. So why is lace is coming back in style? Because it looks feminine, fashionable and makes a bride look beautiful for any wedding style. If the wedding is over the top reception hall or outside by a barn you just can’t go wrong with lace.

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I do have to make a point here that thanks to the movie The Great Gatsby which was released 2013 few months ago also boosted the market for gatsby style of dresses. Yes I will say I am a sucker for lace and gatsby style of dresses. There is nothing wrong with simple and elegant dresses, sometimes and most of the time simplicity does rule over complexity. But if you are looking for more than just simple dress then just google lace or gatsby wedding dresses and you will see what I mean.

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Also what is becoming in style is 1950 short wedding dresses. Now some people think “oh I can’t pull that off” but if you are working with a local boutique store, I am sure that the designer will make sure it looks great on you.  But not only are the short wedding dresses from 1950’s are coming back, the combination of lace and short dresses is starting to pick up as well. As you can see on the images posted here.

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 So the styles for this upcoming year and maybe years to come will be the 1920’s, 1950’s and my favorite lace will be trending. With that said, you never know what designer might come up next so keep your eyes open but most of all find a dress that fits you and your personality. Because when you look back at photos 10, 20, 50 years from now you would love your wedding dress no matter what the designers say.


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