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Expectations Should be Clearly Communicated: If you find the photographer whom you like but all images of the portfolio are summer photos take notice if your wedding will be in winter. This would not be photographers fault but you might be setting yourself for disappointment. Talk to your photographer about which photos are similar to photographers and make clear comparisons or at least good contrast with your wedding day plans. But also try not to rely on Pinterest for wedding photo ideas if you are using Pinterest. Tons of photos on Pinterest are staged for editorial purposes and are not from real weddings.

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Give notice to your photographer about any special events that will take place during your wedding, because photographer are not mind readers or can’t predict the future. If there will be for example a family heirloom that will be passed at some point during your wedding day, don’t forget to tell that to your photographer! Also if you want special photos of family, especially if you want candid shots, you will need to point that out to your photographer. This applies to both experienced and not experienced wedding photographer. Don’t be afraid to make a wish list and pass it on to your photographer, especially to emerging wedding photographers.

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The Numbers: Back in the day when wedding photographers shoot using only film, the norm would be to provide the clients with some kind of proof prints or small book with all the thumbnail images. Now a days in digital world 99% of photographer don’t do that, so be sure to have some kind of online gallery to view your images or a preview session. You will need to understand what does and what doesn’t come with the wedding package that you are choosing, talk to the photographer to get a better understanding what you are getting and how long will you need to wait to see your proof images. Digital images take less time than processing film so find out when, exactly, will you have access to them. Good question to ask is “Will I be getting a DVD of images or online gallery?” If online gallery will be provided, how long will you have to wait and for how long will be the online gallery online. As well as will you need to purchase all prints or could you just purchase few prints. Sometimes a contract outlying all of this is not really unheard of.

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Second Shooters: Now you have found the photographer, who is your fit in budget and style of photography. Congradulations! YET, will there be second shooter with the package and what is second shooter? A second shooter is: someone who also takes picture during your wedding day, helps out photographer with lights and bags, as well as fills in the gaps with candid photos while photographer is focusing on the main subjects, and especially photographs from a different angle during ceremony or during prep photos. Second shooter is very important to main photographer, regardless of how big or small the wedding is. The second shooter is always on the side of the photographer which when things go awry they can run an errand or fixes lighting room while photographer is preparing to photograph the first dance as an example. If the photographer says that he can work without a second shooter, do ask to see an album of complete wedding of him/her working on their own. If the images look great then you can be at rest knowing that the photographer can handle the job by themselves. With that said, sometimes photographer bring assistant just to carry bags or hold the lights while its windy or for any other purposes but make sure to ask if the photographer will be bringing an assistant.

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Aha Moment: Don’t forget that experienced photographers can be great resource of ideas and help.  If the photographer who is the right fit for you, then they will be enthusiastic about your wedding and would like to pass on the knowledge they have to you, which can be a golden nuggets of wisdom. But here are some example of what wedding photographer have advice in, which I myself heard of and also pass on to my clients as well:

Tell and show the details about your wedding ahead of time so they can capture detail shoots which you actually want and incorporate into photography which capturing special moments.

List your photographer as an attendee to your venue place. Seating them with the guest or at least in the same room assures that you will get the images of important and spontages moments. Don’t have them eat away from the party with the rest of the vendors.

Do find out what the photographer is going to be wearing for your wedding day. You don’t want the photographer showing up in t-shirt just because it feels comfortable to photograph. When the photographer dress up (or at least business casual) for a wedding then everyone feels more at ease, as though it was a guest of a family who is taking pictures.

When its time for group shots “formal” do ask someone who will be attending the wedding but will not be in pictures to bring snacks and drinks for the wedding party. This will make for much happier crew of people who are more willing to be patient while picture are taken. Also do ask someone to gather family member for immediate family photos not your photographer who does not know who is who and only meet them for the first time at the wedding.

– But most important thing is RELAX! Do expect things to go wrong, or out of schedule, and be candid with your photographer. If you are tense it will show in photos through your face and your body language.

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Last thing, when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, communication is the key. Just think about it, if you where the photographer, you would like to know as much as possible of information about the event. So pay that forward to the person who will be your photographer. This applies to newbie or a pro, and your photographer will thank you because it will make the day go much smoother.

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