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Finding a Sacramento wedding photographer or anywhere in the world is not that easy as some people think. Especially if a photographer is looking for a photographer for their wedding or portrait session. Since I am a photographer and I have my own style I can be very picky about other photographers and their photos. But the process of picking a photographer for a wedding can be daunting. My friend who is also a wedding photographer got married last year and it was not fun for him to find a photographer even though I still photograph him and his wife. Because there are not just one style of photography but four different styles. So lets jump in and explore what are the styles are out there for weddings.

Best Photographer in Sacramento Area

There are many photographers out there with particular styles and I mean ton of talented photographers. To find the the photographer that would document your wedding day you would need to look through their work and see what draws you to them. This will help you to narrow down your choices.

Traditional Photographer for Sacramento Weddings

Traditional Photographers: They are heavier on posed photos with some kind of pre-planned shoot list. This is great for couple who don’t like surprises or who need the logistical organization of shoot list (very good for big parties). The plus side of it is that the wedding is well captured with traditional photographer.

Sacramento Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Photojournalistic Photographers: This is a style of photographing with no to little pre-planning and great recording of the day. They stress more on moments, energy, and emotions of the wedding. Some rituals like cake-cutting, is skipped in favor of capturing a candid smile instead. Also they would focus on the couple sacrificing the wedding party as a whole.

Artistic Wedding Photographer in Sacramento Area

Illustrative/Artistic Photographers: There are similarities with traditional photographers but with a spin/updated shooting style. The end result can vary from unorthodox posing, different to extreme angles, dramatic lighting and so on.

Sacramento Film Photographer for Wedding

Film Photographers: This is coming back in style,  you could say a growing trend between wedding photographers. But many wedding photographer are leaving their DSLR’s and the bag and shooting with film only. There are drawbacks to this but if you are and your photographer have the constitution for this risk then the rewards are more than great.

Fun Wedding Photographer for Sacramento

With now narrowing the styles I would like to say that some and I mean many wedding photographers have a mix styles but don’t just assume this by looking at their photos. Talk to the photographer, for example a photojournalistic photographer might do some posed shots if you ask. Some will tell you no that is not my style but some will be more than happy to do so, just avoid the surprise and ask.

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