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Even though I am Sacramento wedding photographer but recently I was in San Francisco for meeting and personal photography of the beautiful city San Francisco. The night before I was preparing for the meetings to make sure I have everything, as well as preparing all my photography equipment for the photos. That night I notice something interesting with my equipment. Before I say what it was let me assure you, before every photo shoot I go through all my equipment to make sure everything is working right, (as well as the back-up stuff), I clean all my lenses, and the camera so there will be no dust on the mirror and so on. But one thing I was not paying attention to was my tripod. As I was assembling it to see if I need to grease it, and that it works I noticed one let was very loose. And guess what, I was missing one bolt in one of the legs (see the image below). It was more of a SURPRISE to me than panic, but it made me think about weddings and all the details that I photograph for the couples.

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As you see in the images here on this blog post I shoot tons of details throughout weddings. There are couples that put their time and sweat into details, to make sure the wedding is unique to their style.

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As I do with my photography equipment, I make sure that everything is working properly and prepare everything I need before the event or session. After each session or event before I leave, I make sure I have everything packed where it should be. When I come home I make sure that it all works and if I need to do some repairs or clean something.

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So the point of this blog is this: If you are planning to do your wedding details make sure that you focus on the details. Yes it will take more time and money and you will be frustrated at one point but the end product is something you have created yourself and it reflects you.

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But for that to happen write down everything you want to do in a checklist or some kind of spreadsheet. Before you go overboard with all the details look at what others did on pinterest/magazines/blogs and get inspired, and ask around from your professionals who will be at your wedding to make sure either you are not going overboard or you have missed something. If you are hiring a professional to do your details ask them for a checklist.

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So don’t forget its the details that make your wedding unique and of course you.

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