Before and After a Sacramento Real Estate Photography

In Sacramento Real Estate Photography I get to see plenty of homes not only the ones that I photograph but also the ones that are online when looking for agents. Yes, before contacting the agent for the first time I do use online resources to its full potential. Looking at what they had in the past and the present gives me an idea if I should be reaching out the the agent for real estate photography services.

This blog post is all about before and after. Now I do have an online gallery where anyone can see before and after photos (click HERE to that gallery), and you can see anything from HDR software, to smartphone photos, and what Shutter Avenue Photography can do. Although this is more about regular price homes and two examples which both agents used a smartphone or DSLR prior to me delivering them better photos of their listing. Take a look at the images below to see for yourself why hiring a photographer can make a big difference for your listings. Sample images below are only a few photos which are very similar to what the agent photographed of the same listing.

Sample Home #1 (Agent Used a Smartphone)

Sample Home #2 (Agent Used a DSLR)


Service Information

Shutter Avenue Photography offers Sacramento Real Estate Photography in the Sacramento metro area, including but not limited to Sacramento, and all surrounding areas. Call for more information about Sacramento Real Estate Photography in Sacramento and all of United State Of America.

Not looking for a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your interior / architectural photography and all your commercial real estate photography needs in the Sacramento area and all of United State Of America.


Sidenote: I will not be mentioning the agent names or the listing address of the home due to privacy since this blog is a high SEO rated.


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