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Sacramento Real Estate Photographer

Since I have been so busy with Sacramento Real Estate Photography in reality its very hard to keep up with social media and especially writing blogs. So for this post while I have few minutes to spare I will be very short and wanted to talk about dusk photography for real estate. Some time ago during summer an agent asked me what makes me different from other photographers in the area of dusk photos. Well it’s not easy to explain and for that purpose I am writing this blog post to show what I do to get the image as you have seen at the top. With that said I will have to mention; I do not put the same amount of technics or the style which I do for architectural photography (architectural firm, contractors and so on) due to few other reasons. As a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer it’s all about how quickly I can get the photos to the agent (which is a big requirement) as well as it’s all about the home (to show what it is and make it stand out on the MLS). No I will not downgrade my skills while photographing or post processing, but the techniques for architectural photography would be different; with more time not only to shoot but also to process the photos to perfection. Now feel free to take a look at the short video below to see what I do when photographing a home at dusk.

Sacramento Real Estate Photographer


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