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Sacramento Real Estate Photographer by Shutter Avenue Photography

As a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer I wanted to comeback to one topic which does pop-up once in a while. It’s nothing major but as you can see the photo above it does make all the difference not only in photos but in the sale of the home. There was another post which I have written some time ago (link here) regarding this topic but this time it’s different. Now I know this has happened to me quite a lot in the passed and I am sure it will in the future but the difference between two homes is there. What am I talking about? Well good thing you asked. There are times when I get to photograph a home which is 95% simural to the one that I have already photographed for a different agents. Yes it could be in the same neighborhood or even across town but it does happen especially with the new development homes (well not really new but anything from 30 years ago to current). The layout of the home would be almost exactly the same but one thing is different is of course the furniture and wall colors.

Take a look at the comparison images below and you will see the difference in not only the images but appearance of the home when the home has more neutral interior colors. Yes I understand that every homeowner (seller) has it’s own preferences and wants to make the home feel like it’s their own. But as a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer I see this quite a lot when homes have interesting interior colors and the homeowner doesn’t want to understand that they are selling the home. Anyways I don’t want to bore someone to death with this topic but I will say when the home is properly ready for photography it does make all the differance. So see for yourself:


Photos Provided by: Shutter Avenue Photography a Sacramento Real Estate Photographer

Listing Agents: John Klein and Adam Eccleston


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