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This has happened few times to me in my carrie, and it still does. What I am talking about is weather and I mean bad weather. Not only has it happened while at a job as a wedding photographer but also for portraits photography as well.

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Some time ago I was on a job photographing models and it was one of those jobs where you could not postpone it because of a tight schedule that I was given. Now this particular job was done in Denver, CO and at end of spring time when weather can change on you with-in 20mins its all up to photographer to know what to do.  That’s what exactly happened. If you follow me on instagram you will see one of the photos with a caption “What do you do when it rains on the day of photoshoot? You create beautiful images at a local parking lot.” Thats exactly what happened, it started to rain, the wind picked up, so I just wanted to quit and wait on better weather. But as I mentioned this was planned months ahead of time and could not be postponed. As a portrait photographer based here in Sacramento I didn’t have this kind of a problem yet, thank God the weather has been good to me so far. But for this photoshoot it did. The good thing was that we were not far from a public parking deck and another plus there were no security guards to stop us.

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I do want to say that thanks to the models Jen and Jaime that they were cooperative even though at one point they were sceptical about going to the parking deck. Yet it all comes down to the photographer, if the portrait photographer knows what he/she is doing then even the rain can’t stop the photoshoot.

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Photographing at a parking lot does create its own challenges, for example: backgrounds, lighting conditions, wind can be even stronger while passing through the parking decks. But in the end I got the shots and didn’t even loose a single light stand falling over to the wind. Except we did have to have tons of sand bags to make sure that did not happen.

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As soon as the rain stopped we went to the top floor for open sky photos. I do love the sky after or before rain because the clouds do have beautiful texture to them. As you can see in the image below.

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