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Recently I have been contacting few home builders to let them know that I can provide them with great sacramento architectural photography just for our area. There are tons of custom home builders, as well as “cookie cutter” home builders in our area but honestly most of their photos are just ok. So to provide them with better photos, marketing on my end was needed. Yet this blog post is not about marketing but more about sacramento architectural photography for home builders because when talking with them about 65% of them say “I think we need to stage a home” prior to the shoot. Yes staging the home with beautiful furniture is a good thing but in the past I have photographed homes with zero funiture. Now the main reason was that most of my clients in home building area are privately owned companies so as soon as the home is done someone moves in. Some times there is just no time to get everything ready to look like model home, yet I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that, meaning to photograph empty home. What I wanted to show in this post are few home which were empty but the photos are still good looking.

sacramento architectural photographysacramento architectural photography sacramento architectural photographysacramento architectural photographer

sacramento architectural photographer

These next two images of the same home is a great example of how selecting different time of the day can play a big role in the final look of the home.

sacramento architectural photographerBest sacramento architectural photography Best sacramento architectural photography sacramento architectural photography sacramento architectural photography sacramento architectural photography sacramento architectural photography

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