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In the past and to this day I still get asked by agents few questions that I would like to discuss in this blog post about real estate photography. This is nothing new and some agents know what to do and some would like a professional answer.

So the 1st question for real estate photography as you can see below is “Is it important to clean up the home prior to the shoot?” I would say very important, as the first two images below show, cleaning up the home does make a first impression on the viewer. I have photographed homes which were very cluttered and a month later the agent would ask me to re-photograph the home. Not only does that affect the sale of the home but only show how people lived in the home as well. Having a home sitting on the market for long period of time can make or break the sale that’s why the best representation of the home is a must.

Questions for Real Estate PhotographyQuestions for Real Estate Photography Sacramento

The 2nd question which I have dealt with in the past was “The interior colors of the home is to vibrant, so should we spend the money and repaint the home?” Absolutely, I have seen all kinds of homes and yes they are custom colored to the owner at the moment but having neutral color for potential buyer is the best bet. This goes for all ranges of prices on homes, and having a wrong color walls does set lots of viewers online thinking that it’s not worth looking into. As you can see the real estate photography does change when we go from interesting blue colors to neutral colors, plus its more pleasant for the viewer. Not only does weird colors make the space look smaller but also difficult to present to potential buyer, so in some way it’s a mental stumbling block for potential buyer.

Sacramento Questions for Real Estate PhotographyQuestions for Sacramento Real Estate Photography

The 3rd question is not a big deal but it can make or break a sale if the home in specific price range. The question is “Should we stage a home or not?”. It’s difficult to say because as I have mentioned it all depends on whom the agent is trying to sell the home too. Yet I have photographed homes in low $200,000 and above one million dollars in both scenarios where the home would be vacant of furniture and with staged furniture. But as photos below show that having furniture does seem more inviting and giving a spatial perspective to the view of the rooms. So this is not a trick question, but more of who the agent sees it fit. Yes it all comes down to spending money on staging but if its worth it then it must be done.

Questions for Real Estate Photographer Questions for Real Estate Photographer Sacramento Sacramento Questions for Real Estate Photographer Questions for Real Estate Photography

As you can see now little things can make a home more attractive to the potential buyer yet it’s up to the agent to make those decisions. I will agree that some homes sell with no problems just the way they are but some not so. Yet I’m here just to show what difference it makes to have a clean up home, neutral colors, and regarding staging or not from my experience.

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