Change of Camera (Nikon D600) by Shutter Avenue Photography

This is going to be short post or maybe not. Anyways, last week when photographing family session my camera Nikon D300 autofocus broke. Of Course I’m use to photographing with manual focus but there are times when manual focus just doesn’t cut it. For example when photographing a wedding there is no time to do manually focus especially during ceremony, cake cutting, or even first dance. Well I had to say goodbye for short period of time to my camera while it’s being repaired (and professionally cleaned) at Nikon facility but in the mean time rented a camera.

Short review of Nikon D600 by Shutter Avenue Photography

The camera that I have rented is Nikon D600 as you can see in the image above. I know this camera is about 3 years old and maybe in photography world it’s like 10 years old but I still wanted to try it since its full-frame camera. Now do I like it? Not really, the autofocus is sloppy (it pans in and out A LOT) it seems like it needs ALWAYS a good contract to focus, the buttons are small and the placement of them is just weird. It just doesn’t feel right while holding it. Now you might say who cares, you got used to your Nikon D300 and that is it. But I tell you I have played with many cameras and rented few for some time and this camera (Nikon D600) is on the bottom of my list now. Yes it does have good features such as: good handling of ISO, quieter shutter noise, the big round dial on the top left side is well thought through, and of course it’s full frame.

So in the end I will not feel guilty for departing with it soon, and I will still be looking into a camera that I really want to spent my money to upgrade. Maybe it will happen soon so check on back this blog post and see what happens.

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