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Few months ago I have photographed Matt and Alex engagement photos in Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn California. Now I have meet Matt and Alex at the bridal show in the beginning of 2014 and they have won the free engagement session. After some time in planning when to do the engagement session (which does make a difference) and postponing it due to bad weather we finally meet again at Hidden Falls Regional Park. I do want to mention one thing before I get into the photos from their engagement is that planning engagement session does need to be taken into the account. From my experience, if planning an engagement session way to early or late in the year (meaning very late fall, winter, early spring) the scenery does matter. The trees might look naked and the feels might not have green grass yet. For California this means best time to do engagement session is sometime mid-spring or mid-fall when the colors are turning yellow, red, and orange. Also the weather is not hot as well which makes the couple not sweat as much as when its close to 100 degrees outside. Yet with all that said if the photographing in Bay Area this can change as well as if the couple want photos in more urban setting. This is why you should talk to your photographer and plan it out instead of just saying “lets do our engagement session next week”.

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But coming back to Matt and Alex photos, we started of just the basic to get them loose. As for me I know when people are a bit shy of camera maybe especially when they know that this is more than just iPhone pictures. So I didn’t ask them to post or do something crazy, by the end of the session they loosened up and this does show in the photos. Best way to do loosen up is ask questions and have a conversation. A lot of photographer do forget to do this and then the photos show that because the client is either bored after 20 mins or still nervous because they are not getting clear directions from the photographer. One way to avoid this is to know your photographer and meet with him or her prior to the photo shoot.

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Matt and Alex are a great couple and were fun for me to photograph because not only did they have fun as well, but because you can see the love for eachother. They are love birds that can’t wait to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. During the photo session we joked and talked and I tried to captured the emotions they have for eachother. I love the photos that were captured for them and they loved it as well when we meet for post engagement session and saw the photos for the first time.

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