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Just like the title says, this was a first Sacramento real estate job I have photographed for Kevin Watts the real estate agent. Yet why am I writing blog about it? Well thanks for asking, because in Sacramento metro area especially in real estate photography it’s very common to photograph a home that is occupied by the seller. So the furniture will be moved around by the agent to make the home look good yet for this home a interior designer came and brought all the furniture to make sure the home looks very good.  Yes the home is in very good neighborhood and with a big price tag so its very common for interior designer to do this but in reality lots of agent don’t do this. Why you may ask? I think every agent is different and I am not in a position to say who is right and who is wrong, my job here in sacramento is “real estate photography” and to photograph each project as it was presented to me (to make it look good). Now with that said I think some agents don’t realize that making home presentable in every way possible will give it more value to the home, which adds profit to the seller and the agent. But that’s just me saying it.

So when I came in, it was great to see this home staged because it made my job much easier to do as well. So here are the photos of a home which was ready properly to be sold on the market.

By the way I do want to say thing: NONE OF THESE PHOTOS ARE HDR! YES you heard me right, they are all hand crafted. That’s a big difference between professional photographer from lazy photographer that doesn’t know what to do and just solly relies on camera and software. Could I have done even better than this? YES! but because of time crunch and because real estate photography is so different from architectural photography I have to put a cap onto it or I will be spending way too much time on every single home.

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Real Estate Photography Provided By: Sacramento Real Estate Photographer Shutter Avenue Photography

Photos Are For: The Watts Real Estate Group

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