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Just before we moved into winter, and the cold weather stopped or slow down everything in photography I had an opportunity to photograph this family (sorry no names for privacy). Yes I do know them and they are very good friends of mine so it made it easier for them and for me to photograph.

But honestly, family photography is very special to me, because its very different from weddings or portrait photography (oh wait it still considers portrait photography). Yet family photography does involves kids and making sure everything runs smoothly. Not that I am saying kids are bad, don’t forget I do have almost three year old daughter my self, but with kids its different to photograph then lets say couples. Kids always want to move, make faces, and have very short span of attention. But what I think, thats what make is great. Even with this family I got plenty of photos were the boy moves so much and makes faces that at one point it was pure fun to photograph (even though knowing that the photo will not be that great but the parents will love it). That is the point of family photography, its not just “come here, sit here, smile and we are done” its all about memories. As a photographer I have to understand what make each family unique, and try to capture that in the photo. Yes, you could go to “global studio” where you will get x amount of photos but all photos will be the same, because those studios don’t have time to spend on negatives they strive to produce only similar result every time to have a profit only case.

But back to this family, by knowing them ahead of time I really enjoyed photographing them and the final result does speak for itself. Why am I trying to convince you look for yourself at the photos below.

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Thank you my friends for letting me photograph your family and looking forward to that new baby of yours.


Photos Provided by Shutter Avenue Photography

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