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In late June this year I had an opportunity to photograph a wedding of a wonderful couple Jeremy and Allison. The gorgeous wedding happened at Green Valley Country Club which only amplified the beauty and the happiness of this couple at the day of their wedding. I loved being part of their wedding and experiencing the happiness, excitement, and the love that Jeremy and Allison had for each other at their wedding. Their bridal party was a lot of fun to photograph and be be around. I loved that Jeremy’s dad was the priest and the sermon that he gave during their ceremony, in my books it was really good. Their wedding reception was just rocking out of this world thanks to the DJ “The E-Team”, and its is sad that the time flew so fast that day but their wedding was a blast.

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Yet I would like to talk more about Jeremy and Allison, because something that I like to do is ask couples questions not only for me but so the readers of this blog site would know a bit more about the couple. So without any other delays here’s what Jeremy and Allison shared with me.

Allison, how did you guys meet? And what made you fall in love with Jeremy?

Jeremy and I met at a bowling alley. I saw a group of guys and thought, “Oh he’s cute! I’m gonna talk to that one!” From the very start Jeremy and my relationship has been so easy and fun. It was easy to fall in love with his accepting and loving personality. Neither of us ever questioned how much the other cared from them. We always seem to be in sync. Plus who could not love that smile!

Jeremy what made you fall in love with Allison?

She has a wonderful personality and very similar if not same family value. Lastly and most of all she is beautiful!

How did you feel Jeremy waiting on Allison right before she walked down the aisle?

I was very excited. Not nervous at all because I know she is right for me.

How did you feel Allison walking down the aisle?

Just before coming out to the aisle I was nervous and a little irritated my DJ had messed up and I didn’t want to be crying in all my photos. The moment I stepped outside and saw Jeremy all I could see was that amazing smile! Then there was just this rush of excitement and love!

Which part of the wedding was most favorite for you guys?

Jeremy: See my beautiful wife walking the aisle toward me. And I get to see my old family and old friends, who are from out of state.

Allison: My favorite part of the wedding was our first dance. Jeremy and I had practiced a small routine for months and we pulled it off perfectly. It felt good to impress everyone and show what a good team we make.

If you guys would give any advice to the future brides and grooms, what would it be?

Jeremy: 1 – If you love her, don’t be nervous on the wedding day! 2 – Have as much fun as possible, because the wedding is one time thing … unless you plan on getting married few time!

Allison: The advice I would give would be from some advice I heard while planning and stressing about my own wedding. Your wedding, while important, is just a party. As long as at the end of the day you are married to the person you love, everything was perfect! Oh and hire Stan to do your photos because mine were perfect!!!

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Photos Provided by Shutter Avenue Photography

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I would like to say special thanks to everyone who participated at this wedding:

Photographer – Shutter Avenue Photography

Venue and the organizer – Green Valley Country Club Amy Deadrich

Music – The E-Team

Photography Assistant – Toly Velichko


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