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Over the time that I have photographed wedding I have noticed lots of patterns and mistakes that happen during a wedding this is my list of things that every bride should consider when preparing for that big wedding day. If you have this done already good for you and you should just probably worry and get other things done but if you haven’t make a check list yet then read on and see if these 10 thing would be helpful to you for your wedding.

1 – Beautiful Hanger

Most of the time when I photograph a wedding dress by it self before the bride puts it on the dress is beautiful but the hanger is plastic or wire and it does ruin the photo in some way. So consider a wooden or custom made hanger for not only better photos but as if custom hanger for memories to come.

2 – Cosmetics

Now I know that every bride does her make-up before the ceremony but what most brides forget is to freshen up after the ceremony, or freshen up for the photos, as well as freshen up just before the reception starts.

3 – Hotel Check-In

This applies to all the brides (and grooms) who are staying in a hotel the night after the wedding. Make sure that you (or assign someone) to call the hotel to let them know when you should be arriving. This way the hotels will make sure they have cold champagne and chocolate ready for you. Also a good idea is to have someone from the wedding to take your suitcases to the hotel (if its not far) so you will not have to worry about that after the wedding.

4 – Confortable shoes

This is important, I have photographed many wedding and I could tell why the bride is not at the dance floor but tries to sit at some table chatting. Or sometimes the bride would just hang out by the bar, in the end a bride which has been in the same shoes all day is tired from walking. I know that the shoes look pretty and it was a good idea to have them but it is also a good idea to pack a confortable shoes. So when the evening starts, slip-in them and you will be good to go for the rest of the evening.

5 – Water

It would be last on anybodies list but in reality this should be almost first. Brides most of the time play a host to everyone at the wedding and forget about themselves until the dinner starts. So drink plenty of water, this would be beneficial for your body, you will not be as tired, or worn down. Yet the downfall comes that you will have to use the restroom more often. Now speaking of alcohol, yes that considers as water (in some ways) but try to hold of until dinner because if you get drunk before dinner you will be even more tired before the wedding even started. By the way this is a must if you have a wedding in summer when its hot outside.

6 – Eat

Now I talked about water but also dont forget to have snacks or eat good breakfast before. Most of the time the bride is busy with making sure that with last minue pres and so on that they forget the dinner will be served hours and hours late so to eat a good breakfast and have snacks in between is a must. You will be less tired and your body will be re-energized so you will be not only thinking straight but also ready for anything that might happen during the wedding.

7- Prepare for take-off

I mean in the sense if you are flying to your honeymoon destination, make sure that you have the passports and driving ticket in your luggage a day before the wedding. This way you will not need to panic and  make a scene the day of your wedding in front of your parents and bridesmaid. Also a good idea is to sign up for text alerts so after the wedding all you have to do is just check your phone and see if there has been any changes to your flight.

8 – Emergency

Make sure a week before the wedding to create a small emergency kit. I can not tell you enough when a bride needs of something like bandaids and there are none around (now someone will need to go to the store and by some) it becomes a stress environment to be in. And this might not happen to the bride, yet I have see also where bridesmaid would have a headache and there is no aspen or tylenol. Again pack an emergency kit and put it with your wedding shoes that way you will not forget it later.

9 – Go to person

This doesn’t have to be a one of the bridesmaids but it should be someone you know. This helps because when something is needed this person can quickly bring something for you and not just assign a person randomly during a wedding. So talk to someone you know before the wedding and assign them to be around you during the wedding or at least not far from you.

10 – Time Out!!!

I have left this one to the end not because its not important but because its the most important. The bride and groom get caught up in the wedding so much that they forget that this is a day about them. So take at least 10-15 mins to yourselves, tell your photographer, wedding party and everyone else to take a hike. Trust me, after you will spend few minutes alone together with no one around you will see that it make all the difference in the world.


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