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Denver Wedding and Portrait PhotographerSo this is not new or mind blowing but I would like to talk about Pinterest. Lots of brides these days use Pinterest to help them with ideas for the wedding. Online planning is nothing new and it has been blown out of proportion now a days in every direction from such places as Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Wire and much, much more sites. Don’t forget Facebook and Twitter. It is just overwhelming of information for many brides and if they spend too much time researching those sites sometimes they just go nuts.

Seriously, I had one bride sending me an email of not just Pinterest board (by the way it was five different boards) but also with links to Instagram, blogs, and other websites to show me what she wanted. I don’t mind that, I appreciate the effort that the bride has put in to see what is out there for her own wedding but when it comes to photography its a different conversation.

Lots of brides these days find inspiration from Pinterest but one aspect that most of them forget is that pinterest should be used for inspiration only. I am not talking about how to arrange flowers or any other decor but more about photography of the couple. Let me explain more on this.

One bride send me a link with a statement in the email saying that “this is the photos I want”. This is where the bride went wrong. Not that she crossed me but if she found photos that she likes why doesn’t she just book the photographer that took those photos? Brides, when they see photos of inspiration for the style of photography (and poses) one thing they don’t know is that there is a secret that we photographer sometimes use. It is called stateged photos, now with that said not all photos are staged but a lot of them are. To be honest even I do that, why? Well because wedding is not the time to state lights, location, timing of the day and everything else. Now with that I do make my timeline with the couples for their wedding but even with that I am not in control of the time the wedding should be or location. Lots of photographer find models that can pose correctly, best locations, best time of the day and the final product look incredible (just as an image above).

Yet as I mentioned before, not always we as photographer do all of that sometime the photos do come out beautiful at the day of the real wedding but for most part they are staged. We try to show what we can do if the couple gives us time and lets us organize the wedding photos for them. So do use Pinterest for your wedding day but don’t forget every photographer has his/her own style, and use it as inspirational or of what you would like to see but don’t expect your photographer to just copy the image and past you in them.

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