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Last week was busy, and I mean very busy. So it was very good to get way and shoot something else from what I do day to day. I have a very good friend whom I have got to know a long time ago when I use to attend PSU at State College, Pennsylvania. By the way his name is Jeff, and we became very good friend over the time and funny thing is that he is originally from Colorado so it was good to see him and take a breather “in some words”. We have been planning to take a hike up the mountains for sometime but at the weekend that we had big plans we both got sick and it was postponed for the end of September. It was really good that we moved the date because the weather was perfect, it was beautiful to see all the Aspens turning yellow, and it wasn’t as crowded with other hikers. But most of all it was good to get out and photograph something different, it was refreshing to point my camera, to see the gorgeous mountains and Aspens. I would like to┬ásay that this is not my best work, and I should blame the 11,000 feet elevation because my brain was not really functioning properly and also lack of food. But in the end it is very good to get out and do something different to keep yourself refreshed from day to day job. Yet here is a small preview of some photos that I have taken there at the Devils Thumb trail.

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Below is an image of me and Jeff at the Devils Thumb Lake and also Jeff trying to photograph with his new iPhone 6.

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