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This is very interesting subject, because it can make some people enjoy your wedding or it would be just another stressful event, or even make your schedule of what time the wedding should start. Why am I talking about this well because recently me and my family have attended a wonderful wedding, where my 2 years old daughter was the flower girl. Did I enjoy the wedding? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Was it also little bit stressful because my daughter was there? Yes, at some point she was bored or just tired and putt a long fights with me and my wife. I will also have to say that the wedding was a late evening event and that could play a big roll in that.

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But what am I trying to say is this, I have came across this wonderful article from a local boutique shop here in Denver and I just though this is great. If you have been wondering to have kids at your wedding or not read this blog post. I mean I could write something similar from all the experience that I have at being at all the wedding that I have shoot, but I think this blog post does the best job at it.

So follow the link by clicking on this name Wedding Seamstress Blog Page and see what you think.

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