A Trip to Denver by Sacramento Architectural Photographer

In the month of May, I was given an opportunity to photograph for a company Howell Construction which is located in Denver and even though I’m Sacramento architectural photographer I just could pass up this great opportunity. I think I want to mention this, I do have architectural degree with over 5 years of working in architectural firm but one thing that drove me nuts is sitting behind the desk all those days. So this rubs off even on my business today, I love to be out and about. So travel is part of me, it refreshes me, and even if I go out to the mountains to shoot it just makes me so happy.

Coming back to this journey to Denver, I was given two projects to be photographed in one day. (Facebook Post Here) Now I do want to mention that its a LOT of work of photographing such big projects in one day, yet as always I took it as a challenge (I think its the architect in me). Now living in Sacramento and being architectural photographer I have to realize that I will need to travel and one place I do like to travel is Denver. Yes I have lived in Denver in the past so atleast I know the city and it’s very easy for me to get around.

The two projects which I photographed where “Envision Healthcare” and “Wazee Electric”, both are opposite from each other in architectural photography. One is more office look the other is industrial warehouse. One project I could walk around by myself and photograph anything that seems good to me and the other project I had to be supervised that I would not photograph anything that is not permissible by Wazee company (since there are tons of equipment which is copyrighted to certain companies).  But here are the photos from that shoot and I do have to say I loved both of them.

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I do want to say thank you to Howell Construction for hiring me to photograph these two great projects and I wish I could show more photos but some photos are not allowed to be released.

Photos Provided By: Sacramento Architectural Photographer

Photos Are For: Howell Construction

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