Such a cool Home (Real Estate Photography)

I don’t talk that much about real estate photography which I do quite a lot through out each week. Yet recently I have photographed this one home which I would like to share with everyone else.

Sacramento Real Estate Photography

This beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, small home is located in Camino and Charles with Jeia from Invested have called me to photogrpah this home for them. I am a sucker for these kinds of homes, and when I came in I was just blown away. Especially the kitchen area; it was restored back to its original look and with the appliances which are made by GE to look retro is just fantastic. I don’t know why I am so attracted to this type of homes yet I am. The feel of the home is just fantastic, it has wonderfully cozy. I would like to mention that there is nothing wrong with modern homes and I do like to photograph them as well, honestly I like to photograph all kinds of homes but this home …  I love it. The sad thing is that it’s too far away for me, I wouldn’t be able to handle driving every day to Camino since I do so much of driving throughout the week for real estate photography, that is so sad.

So here are few more photos of the home and please do click on the link below to see more about this home on MLS.

Real Estate Photography4015-william-way-blog-3Invesdoor Real Estate4015-william-way-blog-5Sacramento Real Estate Photographer4015-william-way-blog-7Sacramento Real Estate Phographer

Big thank you to Invesdoor for giving me the opportunity to photograph this wonderful home for them and here is the MLS link.

If you are reading this post months from now it’s probably already have been sold so sorry but the links will not be working by now.

Real Estate Photography Provided By: Sacramento Real Estate Photographer Shutter Avenue Photography

Photos Are For: Invesdoor

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