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sacramento portrait photographer

What is a headshot? In the nutshell, it is where the face is clearly shown. But it doesn’t mean that image must be of the face only. Because even though the face will be most important aspect of the photo, everything around the face is equally important. For example if photographing a business headshot it is very vital to have proper clothes, hair and makeup done (which goes for both man and woman). Wearing the wrong clothing can take away the attention from the face and the subject will be lost in the photo. If the hair is not done properly on the subject, it can look like they don’t care about the photos. In business world all of this can make or break the deal for someone. So why it is important, well a good headshot for a business person is how prospective clients will identify you and can make a decision without the meeting, if they would like to work with that subject or not. Having a clear representation through a headshot  will speak volumes about the subject and his/her business.

sacramento portrait photographer

Recently I have been photographing lots of headshot from real estate, to politicians, and medical doctors. And its very interesting to see how based on what they do can change from something like clothing to different hairstyle styles and of photos they require. So if you are of a need for business headshot, first look around what other successful people did in your area for their photos, then talk to your photographer if they can capture the same feel or style of photography for you.

sacramento portrait photographer sacramento portrait photographer sacramento portrait photographer sacramento portrait photographer

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